Sunday, July 5

The Most Pissed Off Day

2day is suppose to be a fun day because Er Vin brought a surprise to math tuition. However the happy time doesnt last long till i went back to the nursing course. Wai Hoong told me that he heard that the pathetic Central Area of Perak doesnt allow a member to be a trainer. Then i realise why did the sergeant left st john a few years ago. He was forced to be an officer after he obtained the trainer qualification. It was totally unfair. Arent they suppose to ask for the members consent instead of forcing. I went emo after hearing that. I was so eager and looking forward for the Trainer's Course in Teluk Intan this December. But now what should i do. I doesnt want to promote as an officer but i wanted to get a trainer qualification. I still targeting to get a staff sergeant. After getting trainer i will be auto promoted without having a chance to reject. Thinking of it also drive me crazy.

Why the area so cacat wan!!!!!!!!!

=.= I dun wan to end up quitting la.............HAIZ

Sunday, April 5

SMI Comp

Comp this year SMI once again crash landed in state. Both the adult and cadet team manage to grab bronze for the 2 cases, long case and short case. Cadet team got a silver for their marching. Not quite satisfied with this year comp. Cadet team are supposed to get much more better than what they archive now. Lack of trainings and also some deformity in the team just put an end to their dream in the state level. Meanwhile adult team has nothing to blame but themselves. They could actually reach national if they really train properly( but they seldom have trainings...haiz)
Not appreciating the oppurtunity of having the same team for adult. I wish I could have the chance to join adult with my team....=.=

Friday, January 2

NCO Leadership Camp 2008

20th of December 2008
A very special and exciting day of my life in st john. Today is the day all the helpers will enter N.C.O Camp 2008. At 9am sharp all trainers are required to be at HQ for training. At 1st we all planned to practice our performance for the Malam Budaya on the camp's 3rd night, however things always go beyond what it is supposed to be. Our leader Sergeant Shu, the head of our trainer group suddenly say we are suppose to be training under him until 2pm. Oh my god, am i going to die. 5 hours of training under him, the 2 hours training under him last week is already a terrible nightmare for me. I guess the other trainers are thinking the same too. He says he is a democratic person however he only agree with thing he think is correct. What a suffer working under him. Not long after a few hours of sickening talk by him our camp commander, Sir Ting came back with our lunch. Yes finally a few minutes of peaceful time.

After lunch, its nightmare time again. Luckily, i made an early and call my team to have a discussion about that time. For the 1st time my trainees saved my life.
Finally some time to rest, we had our performance discussion. Our discussion was called to order by our director Shy Wei and Khong Ming. After some discussion we did some training. I am involved in the Malay dance part which required me to perform Modern dance. (i didnt know there is any common between Modern and Malay dance, dont ask me) My partners for this dance is Chern Jern, Hwei Ann, and Kai Chin. Its quite interesting and exciting to work with them. Especially when i got the chance to dance wih girls. At night we have our 1st dinner by the helper. It is fried mee with cabbage( thats why camper you all should be grateful we fasi have 2 meal extra then you all) After the dinner it is our meeting, Sir Ting call it to be order. After the meeting the first thing we get is scolding from HIM again for being 1 minute late before the meeting have even started. He really wanted to give us nightmare just right before our sleep time.

Thats all for the 1st Day of the camp(AJK's day)

21st of December 2008
Today is the 1st day of camp for the members. Before the arrival of the members Sir Ting wanted us to take part in the morning exercise just at least for the 1st day. The fasi all agreed happily( because Sir Ting this is the 1st and the last time we are taking part in it, so no one will interupt our beauty sleep for the following days) The exercise took us 1 hour from 6am till 7am. Therefore after 7am we can see all the trainers run up and down getting themselves cleaned up because most of them order their members to come at 7.30am( me too)
The feeling is quite good when I worn my uniform with the Sergeant ranking and a tag which is printed SARJAN LOOI.( very big almost 3cm in height and yet most member still tend to ignore For the female sergeant with their new uniforms especially Hsin Lin, Chooi Sin and Wui Meng they actually look like madams more than sergeants.
For the 1st time I see my trainees in full uniform(except for Donivald) , I realise that they dun really know how to wear it properly. Since no orders are given regarding their uniform so i didnt punish them just merely correct their mistakes.After a roll call, all the members went in the main hall for the opening ceremony and a brief photo session. Then Sir Ting called for a roll call for the flag raising ceremony by Seow Neng, Kheng Heng and Chung Park.
Lunch time, I can see the members are quite curious to have their 1st lunch in camp until they see some porridge rice which is added just enough water to make it look like a kuih pulut. Some even asked what is it. Pity them because have to finish all of it, not to mention it is burnt. Most the sergeants doesnt dare to eat including me of course.
Next for the marching session is quite a challenge for me. I am very unease when training the nursings because I need to correct their mistakes without touching which is quite hard for me. However it is a new experience for me.( i dont think anyone in the dvision try it before)
The 1st day is continued with a few lectures which all trainers are begging to have some rest. For game sessions I got no comments.( because i am zZzZz in the AJK room). Dinner is quite an improvement because the no more porridge rice just some pure porridge whch one the camper eat until he vomit.( take note he swallowed back the ******, just i magine how tasty is the porridge)

THAT ALL FOR THE 1ST DAY OF CAMP...................

Friday, November 28

Last day of SPM and my Form 5 life

27th Of November 2008
I am going to remember this for my whole life. The last day of SPM after a long period suffering with the stressful exam. Besides that, it is also my last day as a Form 5 student of SMK St. Michael Ipoh.

EST our last paper for SPM 2008. ' MASA TELAH TAMAT ' and ' KERTAS SOALAN AKAN DIKUTIP SEKARANG ' ,the moment this two sentence is said the whole exam hall is totally chaos. There are monkeys jumping behind the hall, idiots making bunch of irritating noises, and last but not least the Michaelian's School Rally. They are full nof Michaelian spirit until they forgot who just recently make a hole on the school roof using an air bomb. When we were all out of the hall, there some continuous fireworks in the school. You can see Mr. Chong and Mr. Velu all around the school looking at them without having to take any action. Totally speechless to see both esspecially Mr. Chong cant do anything but to just stand by aside with a video camera. I think somebody will have their leaving cert suspended by the school.

Tuesday, November 25

2nd Week of SPM

Day 1.........18 Nov(Tuesday)
MY GOD. Here come another irritating subject. 3472/1 and 3472/2 which is Add Math Paper 1 and 2. Paper 1 is quite ok. However Paper 2 is so hard and confusing until i went blur. What i did?? This is what i did:
*killing the Section B, i did 1 out of 5 question ( i am supposed to do 4). 40 marks just flew away from my Paper 2.
*Been fooling around with Section C, i did 5 out of the 5 question. (no u shouldnt
congrats me, i am supposed to do only 2)
I didnt realise it until i tick the question that i have done. ANDA ADA 10 MIN LAGI this is the moment where i checked my answer sheet. Question 1, Question 2, Question 3 Question 4, Question 5, Question 6, Question 7, Question 8(Empty), Question 9(Empty), Question 10(Empty), Question 11( ALSO Empty). Big trouble, thata farewell to my Add Math Paper 2.

Later in the evening is 1225/1 which is Moral. Basically the whole is quite easy (as expected HAHA).

Day 2.............20 Nov(Thursday)
Today is 4541, Chemistry's turn. For me this is supposed to be my hardest Science subject to score. But, 4541/1 the Paper 1 is quite easy. I was very happy to know i only got a few wrong for that paper. That only last for about 30 min until i flip the Paper 2. It is really terrible. The same goes to Paper 3. Whole day is a disaster.

Sunday, November 16

100th Anniversary Parade Selection (Part 2)

Lets continue. Last week i watch the army parade during the anniversary of our armed forces. Although they were training for about 3 months but their 10-men mara was still not good. And that idiot keep scolding us to keep the line straight and follow onli one timing. Did i mention that we did the mara with a 20-men line. How could we possibly do it right away without mistake. However i am very happy wif the selection. It is fun to march after giving bac the skill to my marching trainer, Marx. Challenging

100th Anniversary National Parade Selection (Part 1)

Today is the official selection for a team to represent SJAM Perak in the national parade in KL. The selection goes well until we're tought with somekind of odd marching style. I wouldnt no it is right or wrong because my marching really so good after all^.^. But later something that really piss me off is that asshole commander. He thinks himself was so much where he keep scolding and scolding.